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Who: Graphic designer Lisa Erickson
What: Free Wix Template for 2020 Grads
Where: Built in San Francisco using the Wix platform
When: Covid Shelter-In-Place, Graduation Season, Spring 2020
Why: In response to the heartbreak of Class of 2020 Grads and their loved ones

As Shelter in Place extended and important milestones were taken away one by one, Graphic Designer, Lisa Erickson, watched the heartbreak spread.


Friends and loved ones posted about cancelled dances, school trips, sporting events, recitals, performances and ultimately a shrinking likelihood of walking across that stage.


Graduates and their loved ones were devastated as they scrambled for ways to make the accomplishment special during quarantine.  People got increasingly clever with invitations, yard signs, photo shoots, and virtual graduations, but there was no central tool to help.

Lisa had seen websites successfully build community around businesses, schools, and her own family events, so she played to her skills and built a free website template that could be personalized to celebrate each 2020 grad.  Lisa was thrilled to execute the design in Wix, her favorite web platform*!


She designed the site to have a place to share images, include bio details about the grad, and post messages.  Invitation links to virtual grad parties and ways to gift the grad would round out the experience. A yearbook and a party wrapped in one.

Watching communities praise the effort behind each graduate’s major milestone is very grad-ifying indeed.


Let's spread some love around to the Class of 2020. They deserve it!

*For more about why LISA LOVES WIX read the press release.

To explore her wix projects click here

Girls Dressed for School Dance
Graduation Ceremony
Woman Holding a Book
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